Hidden Equity is a team of industry experts who got tired of watching businesses spend valuable dollars on campaigns that don't work. We recognize the future of successful marketing lies in talking to customers when they're ready to buy and when they're listening to you. We have gone through the business ownership and entrepreneurship process. We understand there are only so many hours in the day, and that your time needs to be spent wisely.
We represent common sense, working smart, and innovation. We believe in helping businesses reach their potential by accessing the Hidden Equity in every brand.
Nate McKelvey – If Nate's years in the software, application design, and development industry has taught him anything, it is that the industry is constantly evolving to solve even more challenges in the global market space. A maven in SEO, sales, and product management, Nate brings his unmatched drive for excellence and accessibility to every endeavor. He successfully built Jets.com, which revolutionized the charter industry and brought in over $42 million in annual revenue. A father of two, lover of junk food, and believer in the goodness of mankind, Nate brings exceptional talent, a unique perspective, and sense of humor to Hidden Equity.
Regina Obe – Regina is a web application and database expert with extensive experience in eCommerce and location aware web applications. She has over 20 years professional experience in various programming languages and database systems. She is an expert on PostGIS spatial database engine and other Open Geospatial technologies. Regina holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a concentration in Bioelectronics and control theory. She is a member of the PostGIS project steering committee and the PostGIS core development team. She is a co-author of the books PostGIS in Action and PostgreSQL: Up and Running.
Leo Hsu – Leo is a master database architect with extensive experience building business intelligence and automation applications for flight management, labor unions, and eCommerce sites. He has over 20 years professional experience working for non-profits and Dot coms developing automated pricing and process applications and devising workflow strategies. Leo holds an MS degree in engineering of economic systems from Stanford University. He also holds dual BS degrees in mechanical engineering and economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a minor in Finance. He is a co-author of the books PostGIS in Action and PostgreSQL: Up and Running.
Innovating, Conversing, Engaging
Lew Sabbag – A maverick in the printing industry who managed the transition from magazines to online with more grace than an acrobat, Lew brings unbridled acumen and empathy to the Hidden Equity Team. Prior to joining up with the Hidden Equity gang, Lew owned and operated ServiGraphics Inc. for 26 years and continues to work for clients in electronic publishing through Publish Today Media LLC., one the other businesses he runs. He's also a third degree black belt in shorin ryu, a father of two, and Hidden Equity's own "publishing puba" one more of our secret weapons. Lew's talents go far in keeping clients on the cutting edge of the content generation market.
Paul Cornacchini – Paul's years of direct marketing and branding experience has included big name brands including Kodak, BJ's, True Value, Bose, and others. He understands the process that goes into navigating a brand's place in the market and customer's hearts and how to distil ROI from it, and is thrilled to bring these skill-sets to Hidden Equity. Prior to joining Hidden Equity, Paul ran CWD, a boutique creative agency for nine years, which followed long stints at Hill Holliday and Arnold Worldwide. He's a father of two, a lover of adventure, and the Gandhi of the office with a flair for design, Paul's talents are beloved by clients and coworkers alike.
Mark McKelvey – Social media guru and rock star of the New England Circuit, Mark brings a grounded approach to complex business problems. Aside from his work with Hidden Equity, he also founded Maine Furniture, a non-profit with the aim of helping the small business owner navigate the world of ecommerce and online marketing. A guitarist, a carpenter, and social savvy whiz, Mark's the team player who helps unearth the equity in us all.